The Social Network (Blog 14, Prompt 2)

This class is all about technology and how we as humans and learners use and understand it. We explored technology through touch, taste, and smell. Through all the articles we read, games we played, and movies we viewed I truly enjoyed this class. If I had to add one text, book, or film to our class syllabus I would definitely add the movie The Social Network. This movie from 2010 shows how Facebook was created. I think it would fit well into our curriculum regarding technology. Everyone in today’s day and age uses Facebook and personally a few of my posts have been regarding the social networking site. In class we talk a lot about social media and how it is used. This movie could fit in with any unit we have studied. The site has changed so much since its original creation so it fits in with anything ranging from accessibility to web/game design. The movie can be used as an introduction to the world of social media and could open further discussion about Twitter or even MySpace.

Besides being an amazing movie, The Social Network describes the process of creating a media empire. Everything from coding to advertising to money is used in this film. I feel as though the movie truly embodies the “senses” related to technology. Class discussions could range anywhere from simple to complex issues regarding the movie and the site. We could discuss how we individually use the website to how the website makes our society as a whole look. It relates to the sociability ideas discussed in relation to the video games and can also be discussed in an ethos, pathos, and logos aspect.

I believe that this film, and the idea behind/around it embodies what we are supposed to take away from this class. There are so many ways we can look at the movie as well as Facebook in general. It is not only a social media site. The way it is designed, how it is used, and how it is continuously updating and changing shows the importance of understanding technology and how people use it. Everyone uses this site differently but it was created for the common purpose of connecting friends. The drunken idea to create a website to keep Harvard students up to date on what was happening turned into a billion dollar invention. Through the short span of the movie we see how the empire was created and almost destroyed. The discussion surrounding this film and the social media world in general fits perfectly into our English class, which is why I think The Social Network should be added to our class.


One thought on “The Social Network (Blog 14, Prompt 2)

  1. I definitely agree with your idea about the Social Network! I think talking about this movie in class would really enhance the topic of this class. I also wished that we would have talked more about Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. I think we covered senses more in this classes than modern technology.


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