Final Blog Post

Especially at a school like Emory, there is a great amount of diversity and with diversity comes differences among groups of people. Being able to have everyone read and watch the same thing would help bring the community together. I think that if there was one article that all Emory student should read the one I would pick would be combination of “How Code-Switching Explains the World” and “Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch”. I believe that when starting college people change the way that speak to one another and sometimes it makes others feel like those people are ‘fake’ or not genuine. I think that my reading these two articles students will have a better sense of how to communicate with one another.

I thought that both articles help explain the differences betweens students depending on their background and their family life. Both articles discuss reasons for code-switching including the difference between talking with teachers and students. That example is one of the important ideas that students should know about before starting college. For the first time people have to learn how to handle situations by themselves including with professors. A lot of students do not understand how to speak to adults respectively and I think that learning about the idea of code-switching would help college students know how to act in that situation.

The second reason that I think students should read this article is the fact that a lot of the time people code-switch in order to fit in with a certain crowd of people. College should be the time for individuals to find themselves. After reading this article I would hope that people are better able to understand that if they are just themselves they have a better chance of finding someone who they are able to get along with. I think that by allowing students to understand what their peers are thinking they will build better relationships in the future.

Other all I think that by having all Emory students read the same articles it gives them a better opportunity to share similar thought and engage in conversation about the issue. There are many positive things that come out of students engaging in conversation with one another and being able to know when they have to code-switch in order to talk about some bring meaningful versus causal gossip. Emory University would benefit by having all freshman students read “How Code-Switching Explains the World” and “Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch“, two articles that would help students learn how to talk to professors as well as their peers allowing for great conversations and ideas to be born on this campus.

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