Immigration Issue Discussion

Our school, Emory University, emphasizes diversity. International students from different countries fly to America to bring distinct thoughts to the Emory community. What I want the class to read is an article. It is from New York Times titled “U.S. Immigration Laws Face New Scrutiny After Killings.” These days top issue that floats around the world is an immigration issue in U.S. Immigration issues were continuously debatable since the nineteenth century. There were several acts passed by the federal state such as “Chinese Exclusion Acts.” U.S. government was concerned about U.S. workers’ jobs exponentially losing and the unstable economy.

Students in English Expository class are also diversified. This article will be suitable and appropriate to discuss in class. First of all, to give an introduction of this article, the Republicans oppose against Obama administration that supports and tries to help illegal immigrants in America. To get to the point of this article, an immigrant who was deported twice killed two sheriff’s officers in Los Angeles.

The illegal immigrant was deported because of drug and weapon issues. Moreover, the fact that this immigrant was deported twice reflects the government that they do not enforce law strong enough to prevent these situations. There was also a couple and a boyfriend who was an illegal immigrant got help from his girlfriend to stay in America secretly. When someone reported that the couple was drug dealing, the couple shot Sacramento deputy and ran away.

In class, we can discuss how the federal and state government should act differently to enforce immigration laws efficiently? Do you want the immigrants to stay in America or not? What should the seventh largest immigrants in State of Georgia act upon against illegal immigrants?

These kinds of discussions might raise disputation between the international students and U.S. students but it will also be a key to resolving the misconceptions both sides have. To be honest, Emory should have no rights to brag about their diversity. There was some racist occurrence in the Emory community and gave disappointment to the students. Also there is a barrier between International student’s side and U.S. student’s side that both sides of the students cannot get close to each other. Having these kind of discussions will have a high possibility to break the barrier and students will converge together.

After discussion, there will be a lot of diversified groups working and socializing in the cafeteria, library, cafe, and other public places. This way will make Emory community the true “International Community” with no doubt about it. Some students might not agree with immigrants staying in the U.S. but the whole point about this discussion is to at least try to influence and convince those who oppose. This discussion will not only enhance the disputation on immigration issue but also increase skills of compromise and understanding other side’s perception.

One thought on “Immigration Issue Discussion

  1. I think the article is thoughtful and inspiring. From my perspective, interactive communications and disputes about immigration would definitely promote mutual understanding among students, which is essential for a diverse community as Emory. (Though, for this expository writing class, it’s also important to emphasize on writing trainings) Apart form the broad topic of immigration, I also agree that there’s still a gap between a considerable number of international and local students in college. I have heard lots of my American classmates saying they truly respect the independence and bravery of international students, and I have also heard my Chinese classmates saying they are passionate about learning local cultures. So for me the existing gap is actually the consequence of the striking differences of cultural backgrounds and values instead of lack of motivations. And thus, perhaps besides immigration issues, it would also be awesome to launch discussions about interesting cultures and traditions of various countries. Well done!


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