Your portfolio should be a representation of yourself as a writer. You will be expected to revise 4 blog posts, with a specific audience and purpose in mind for each of them. Choose ones that reflect your interests, values, and personality. Tweets don’t count, although you can expand a tweet into a longer piece of writing if you’d like.

In addition, you will write 2 reflections (about 250 words each). One will be about how you chose which blogs to include, and how you went about revising them. The second will be about your experiences with collaborative composition: providing comments as a peer reviewer, responding to the feedback of others, or working in a group.
You may present this information in a genre of your choice–a traditional essay, letter, press release, infographic, Twine, whatever you please. Take this as an opportunity to ask yourself: In what areas has your writing improved? What areas could still use some work? How do you plan to improve your writing beyond this class? (Admitting to your shortcomings is a sign of self-awareness, and will not negatively affect your mark.) What about your reading habits?

Your portfolio can be your personal WordPress site (YourName.wordpress.com), or a print document. Either way, it should be professional-looking and logically organized. Think back to your work on visual/spatial rhetoric and Universal Design.

I don’t require MLA-style bibliographies, but you should be explicit about where your ideas, words, and images come from. See the “Designing your Citations” chapter of Writer/Designer for suggestions on genre-appropriate documentation. Any pictures or sounds should be your own creation or in the public domain.

Grading rubric (PDF)

Due: Monday, December 8
4:00 p.m. for hard-copy portfolios (my mailbox is in Callaway N302)
9:00 p.m. for digital portfolios

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