Facebook Profile

I remember very clearly when I first got my Facebook account, and since then, it has not once been deactivated. I was just starting eighth grade, and had decided that after 2 years of Catholic School and being told not to get a Facebook or a Myspace, I would finally just go ahead and get one. When I first got my Facebook, it would have seemed like I had no shame. I would post about everything, but most particularly, the Facebook games I was playing. I would play all of these games that required energy, such as a Mafia related game, or Farmville, and Kamikaze race, and even Tetris. As time went on though, I learned to more limit what I do on Facebook.

I have always been a jokester; Laughing when I can, but serious when the situation calls for it. But, on Facebook, the front that I most often presented was the jokester one, the one whose posts you could laugh at and relate to in a funny way. For example, someone on a Facebook group had posted “welcome to a new life everyone” when talking about how the class of 2014 was done with college applications. My response? “new life? what do you mean by “new”? never had a life.” Or, I would post about how the brownies I was making were so delicious. But, while never posting as much as I used to as when I first got my Facebook account, I still posted a decent amount, especially of things that I was doing (but that was more on a, biweekly basis than a daily basis).

Nowadays, I almost never post anything on Facebook. The only times I really post things on Facebook are for things like online “arguments” or “fights” with friends (which are usually just for laughs), funny times I had with friends, or promotions, like a sweepstakes or the Ice Bucket Challenge.  When I post on Facebook, I don’t treat it as my twitter (which I don’t have), spamming everyone else’s News Feeds with my world/religious views or what I’m doing every moment of my life. And when I do post, I limit it to the people I really want to see it. Or at least, single out people whose criticism I don’t want or who I don’t really know that well. Instead, I now use it as a means to two ends. The first being communication. As I don’t have a smartphone with a modern messaging app, my phone is not exactly the optimal means of communication for me. I am a much faster typer, and so communicate primarily through Facebook messages. The second end to which I use Facebook is as entertainment or news. A lot of the time I spend on Facebook is just spent browsing through other people’s posts, whether that redirects me to an interesting article that they hyperlinked, lets me watch a funny video that someone posted, or they just have a funny post. Sometimes I’ll like things, but most of the activity on my wall is by other people who have tagged me in their post.


Shadow Scholar Summary

To The Dean:

Emory is a fantastic school, and all of the students that are attending this college are gifted, intelligent people. Or so they say. That is to say, I do not doubt the admissions process or judgments of those in charge of such processes, but rather the students who apply. Ed Dante in his article, The Shadow Scholar has illustrated exactly how easy it is for a student to cheat using resources beyond the control of professors. Dante is a ‘writer for hire’, someone students pay money to in exchange for papers. Why are these students driven to cheat? Dante argues that it is not their fault (completely), nor his, but rather the fault of the educators and the system itself. According to Dante, the system’s focus on “evaluation rather than education” that has pushed these students to Dante. His work experience reminds us that this is not an isolated case either. He is one of many, and he was looking at a $66,000 salary, writing for students from all areas of study, even educators. In light of these revelations, both of the act and its extensiveness, I feel that it necessary to at least consider what about our education system can be changed, the same system that ended up pushing Dante to his career.


To a 13 year-old relative:

So look here “Bob”. I know you are just about to go into high school, and it seems really stressful, especially since you have heard me and your siblings talk about it and about college all the time, but don’t worry. You just have to try the hardest you can. I know sometimes it may seem tempting to cheat, but try your hardest not to. Look at this article. A man under the pseudonym Ed Dante wrote it. This guy is what you could call a professional, black market, paper writer. He writes 5000 pages a year. He used to want to be a writer, and in a way, he is., but he claims that it was the faulty education system that drove him to become what he is. I acknowledge that he is right that there are some problems with our education system, but you need to try your hardest to stay away from that, even if those that can afford to, either morally or with money, do cheat.


As a tweet:

Wow, here I am working hard, and this guy writes papers so college students can get degrees: Ed Dante bit.ly/1lFknRp  #systemfail #education