Final Blog Post

Especially at a school like Emory, there is a great amount of diversity and with diversity comes differences among groups of people. Being able to have everyone read and watch the same thing would help bring the community together. I think that if there was one article that all Emory student should read the one I would pick would be combination of “How Code-Switching Explains the World” and “Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch”. I believe that when starting college people change the way that speak to one another and sometimes it makes others feel like those people are ‘fake’ or not genuine. I think that my reading these two articles students will have a better sense of how to communicate with one another.

I thought that both articles help explain the differences betweens students depending on their background and their family life. Both articles discuss reasons for code-switching including the difference between talking with teachers and students. That example is one of the important ideas that students should know about before starting college. For the first time people have to learn how to handle situations by themselves including with professors. A lot of students do not understand how to speak to adults respectively and I think that learning about the idea of code-switching would help college students know how to act in that situation.

The second reason that I think students should read this article is the fact that a lot of the time people code-switch in order to fit in with a certain crowd of people. College should be the time for individuals to find themselves. After reading this article I would hope that people are better able to understand that if they are just themselves they have a better chance of finding someone who they are able to get along with. I think that by allowing students to understand what their peers are thinking they will build better relationships in the future.

Other all I think that by having all Emory students read the same articles it gives them a better opportunity to share similar thought and engage in conversation about the issue. There are many positive things that come out of students engaging in conversation with one another and being able to know when they have to code-switch in order to talk about some bring meaningful versus causal gossip. Emory University would benefit by having all freshman students read “How Code-Switching Explains the World” and “Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch“, two articles that would help students learn how to talk to professors as well as their peers allowing for great conversations and ideas to be born on this campus.

Coca Cola Historical Ad Campaign

When I was trying to decide on a specific item to research I was in the Coca-Cola Museum with my roommate and she had the great idea that I should write my paper about coca-cola. It also helped that as I started my research I was coming across all these names I already knew due to the fact that they were names on the buildings at Emory University. As I researched Coca-Cola I began to come across a common theme of happiness and feeling good because of drinking this new soft drink. After looking through many advertisements for Coca-Cola starting around the 1900s, I was able to find a common theme in those as well, and as one would expect it was also happiness and feeling good.

The first advertisement, a printed article, has a slogan of The Pause for People-on-the-Go trying to cater to what people back then were already starting to be on the go. When someone sees this advertisement it looks as though it is directed to the middle age man or woman who is busy with work and may have needed a pick me up on the middle of the work day. Seeing the happy face of the man on the picture makes the person looking at the picture feel just as happy and want to buy the product. The picture also shows that this product is most likely something that people of all classes are able to enjoy. There would have been a positive connotation when looking at the advertisement as people want to have something that tastes good in a short amount of time meaning that they are able to get all of the other important things finished in their lives that were going on in the 1900s.

The second advertisement, I found on YouTube from the 1920s, and has a story line of these two men, one of whom stole the girl and the other one saw it happen and is trying to get her back. At the end, the man who is trying to save her succeeds and as they share a kiss a text appears on the screen saying Coca Cola Be the Hero. Just like a mini episode of a television show, the hero represents saving someone in order to make them happier and he is able to do that with the help of a Coca-Cola product. When watching this video, most likely made for someone who is watching a television show that probably had mysteries involved, the viewer is intrigued and going to watch the entire video before realizing that all of this was to advertise Coca-Cola which makes them suddenly want to buy the product when they see it on the screen. This advertisement would have been a successful way for Coca-Cola to sell there product as people are always supportive of the hero.

The last advertisement is other printed article containing the slogan, The Taste-Good Feeling, this advertisement continues to follow the theme of finding happiness while drinking the bottle. The happiness of the man in the picture is represented by the smile as the bottle touches his lips and his close eyes as he takes in the delicious taste of the soft drink. The article also uses one of their original slogans, Delicious and Refreshing, and the image allows the viewers to see that that is exactly how the man feels when drinking his Coca-Cola. This advertisement was probably seen by the general public as people of all ages were enjoying this soft drink daily. In the end, this advertisement would have been a success as people want to enjoy that good feeling just from drinking a soft drink.

Through all of the advertisements that I found when doing my research I believed that these three best represented the type of audience as age that Coca-Cola was targeting. For the most part, all ages, genders, and social classes were drinking Coca-Cola even when it was first being made. As well as for the time, all of the visuals are very easy to read and understand for a common person. I think that seeing these advertisements has helped me decide how I best can advertise the same product over a hundred years later using their same tactic; show people happiness.

Why Social Media?

Why do we have social media? Who decided that communicating with people we have never met through the internet was a good and safe idea. While social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat do have ways to ensure that the people who see your profile are people that you know, other sites like the one from Lauren McCarthy are about strangers communicating because someone cannot figure out how to communicate in a face-to-face situation. The idea of phone applications as a way to communicate in person seems like such a backwards concept and something that only our generation understands.

After looking at Lauren McCarthy’s app Crowdpilot a few things came to mind. The first was about how we as a society are so incapable of interacting with people that we need an app in order to hold conversations. I also think that it is weird that anyone who has the application can provide their own input into what you are asking in the app. I downloaded the app in order to figure out the app even better and while I did not ask any questions because I was not in a situation where I needed help, I realized that it was true that absolutely anyone could have been the one to answer my questions. I do not think that apps like these should be available because our generation needs to practice starting a conversation and if we cannot even go on a date without getting advice.

When thinking about this, I thought about how I use Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and many others, but I would never be using my phone in order to access these applications during a date or even when I was in any situation that I would need advice for a conversation starter. To be that seems completely disrespectful and makes our generation look worse than we already do. We should be able to communicate with anyone regardless of the situation because how are we going to get jobs if we cannot go into an interview without having to rely on our phones for advice on how to answer the questions. Apps like McCarthy’s are just giving people more access to being incapable of communicating face-to-face.

Personal Space

Ever had a problem with people being in your personal space? Just last weekend I was at the Coca-Cola Museum and as I was walking around, testing out every flavor of soda, I realized this boy kept standing directly behind me. As he wasn’t speaking English I assumed he was not from the area and maybe didn’t understand the right way to wait in line to try the soda. I just kept trying to move away and he continued to stand behind me. I whispered to my mom and roommate that I needed to move away and she just laughed. No one understood that I needed my personal space. Well I was happy to find this new project from Sara Hendren with the Spike Away Jacket. This jacket keeps people away even when you are in tight quarters.

I think that it would work perfectly, the inside of the jacket looks comfortable and the outside would for sure keep people away. While I personally would not wear this jacket around school per say it would come in handy for visits to museums in downtown Atlanta or when maneuvering the airport when I fly home for breaks. It may not be the most stylish attire but who wants to look stylish when he or she is trying to keep people away.

While there really is not actual a practical time to wear this, the bigger issue is the way that people might perceive you when you are walking around with spikes on you. Like in reality there is no way that you would be allowed to wear that into an airport without a thorough pat down as soon as security saw you. I also do not think that people would wear it simply because of the way it looks and although the woman in the picture did have hers painted green I do not think that a typical person would be okay with being seen on the streets without knowing he or she was being judged. So while I would love to own something like this for those moments where people just need to understand social cues there really isn’t a market for this new project.

Family Matters

Having five siblings means that there is always someone who is being picked on and in my family that happened to be my brother Kieran. He is the third oldest, currently 13, and has always been that one sibling that we have ganged up on because we knew that he was the most sensitive and used that knowledge against him. Until this past year my other siblings and I thought that sensitivity was just annoying and something that he needed to get over. “Toughen up”, were words we used often when we couldn’t deal with his breakdowns and tantrums. Most of those times the tantrums stemmed from him trying to do homework.

When he was younger, maybe six or seven, it was a punishment for us to have to listen to him read because we was slow and would make up words that weren’t even on the page. I was eleven and the other older brother, Evan, was nine and that’s when it all started. It was even worse when he was ten and his younger two brothers were eight and seven and had already passed him in the difficulty level of his books. “Why are you so dumb” we would ask as we sat and helped with his homework and listened to him read.

While my parents tried to be encouraging and reprimanded us when we made fun of him, even they were starting to get annoyed at his inability to read a book for third graders when he was in fifth grade. So before he switched to a new school they decided to have him tested for ADD, ADHD and other learning disabilities; the results came back negative which made everyone even more angry. What could possibly be wrong that he was unable to read simple books and remember the things my mom asked him to do.

As he went through middle school we continued to torment him and he continued to struggle in school. He needed tutors and someone came to our house twice a week to coach him in reading. Although we knew he was extremely insecure about his tutor we were sure to bring it up any chance we could. As my brother Evan and I had been straight A students and had eased through middle school he continued to struggle and we continued to tell him he was just being lazy. After two years had passed, my parents finally decided to have him tested professionally one more time and this time the results were different; Kieran was dyslexic. As my mom told me this I suddenly felt bad for all those times I had treated him badly because of something that he could not control.

She had yet to tell Kieran what was actually wrong because she knew it would hurt his ego even more but I now made the effort to treat him more fairly. Of course as siblings go we still use each other’s weaknesses to harass each other but I have realized I am a much more protective sister than I thought that I would be. Although he is now thirteen I still do not think my parents have given him the actually word of dyslexia as the reasoning behind his struggles, but my siblings and I continue to be understanding instead of unsupportive when it comes to his school work and things he does on a daily basis.

Her: An Uncanny Movie

Theodore, the main character in the movie Her, works as a writer for the Beautiful Handwritten Letters company. His company writes love letters for people who are unable to come up with them on their own. The movie starts out with Theodore speaking to his computer reciting lines to a love letter that is not actually from him but is being typed up by the computer. Right away we know that this movie takes place in the future as there is no job I know of that does that yet. I guess because I knew that I did not think anything of his job. I am not really sure what point the writers of Her were trying to make when placing that as his job but here are some speculations.

To begin with, it is kind of ironic that his job starts out with him writing love letters to a computer and his relationship with Samantha is simply saying things one would write in a love letter to his device. I would assume then that we are supposed to accept his job just as something that he does in the real world as well. His relationship with Samantha is what is completely uncanny compared to his job. He spends his days talking to his computer and then returns home to do the same thing to his ‘girlfriend’ who he will never be able to actually have a personal relationship with because she does not have an actual body as she is an OS, operating system.

It is also out of the ordinary that while talking and even having a relationship with his operating system is somehow accepted by the viewers; Theodore’s friends also accept him being with an operating system as well. Today, if I told my friends that I had been having a relationship with my cell phone I do not think they would sit there and go on a double date with me. I do not think that the movie failed at making its point though. We, the viewers, still end up accepting his relationship even though it is completely uncanny. We somehow just think that his relationship is normal in the time that it is taking place.

In my own perspective I think that the movie Her is completely ridiculous and the fact that someone had thought to make that idea into a movie is crazy. The fact that people went to see it is even more crazy and I cannot imagine a scenario where my friends or I would want to have that type or relationship with an inanimate object. So while I know that my opinion is not the perspective that the writers wanted, I still believe that this movie is uncanny and not something that anyone could or should relate to even in this day and age.


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Facebook Stalking My Future Roommate…But Wait She is Doing That Too

Finding a roommate now may be different than it was for my parents, but even just the use of Facebook as a means of finding a roommate has changed since 2004.

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, his intention was for college students to be able to easily communicate and find each other through the internet. Although it has expanded greatly, it is still used for meeting future college classmates. This is my story about what I thought the first time I met my roommate at Emory University.

A notification for a friend request on Facebook was lit up on my phone; my future roommate was about to have access to all of my embarrassing pictures starting in 2008 and I to hers. So of course, the first thing was look through all of her pictures. Facebook stalking, the act of looking at every single post and picture on someone’s Facebook page, seemed like the perfect way for me to get to know this girl who asked to be my roommate. I am pretty sure this is what all freshmen do, because who wants to start living with some stranger in a new place? As I was looking through hers and thinking, “This girl looks pretty cool” I thought, “Well wait, what is she going to think about me when she goes through my pictures?” So I did she was about to do and Facebook stalked myself. First I changed my profile picture to one of my best friends and I to show her that I had a close girlfriend and would be a good roommate. Then made my cover photo a picture of my whole ‘group’ of friends from high school. Because those pictures are the first thing someone sees I wanted to make sure I looked ‘cool’ enough to add as a friend. After some time looking through my Facebook I thought back to the moment when I first made my page.

I opened my Facebook account the summer of 2008. Probably way too early for a teenager to be on social media but it was the new, cool thing to do. Looking back on my posts right now I simply just laugh at how naive I was. I am met with a ton of spelling errors, extremely embarrassing pictures from middle school, a time no one wants to go back to, and thinking, “I hope no one I have met this past week has looked that far back into my past”. Even those first couple years of high school are mortifying. What could have possibly motivated me to post those pictures? I obviously was not thinking about my future employers who will see pictures of my friends and me having a shaving cream fight on her trampoline, or even my prom pictures in high school. It’s not like the 700 or more people I am friends with from my hometown care about the fact that my hall won songfest yet I felt the need to share that as well. The thing is though, as I have been looking through my Facebook while writing this blog, I have been enjoying laughing at all the dumb things I did as a tween. And hopefully once my roommate and I know each other better we can look back and laugh at what we were thinking when we looked at each other’s profiles for the first time back in April.

The best part about Facebook though is that I can look back to 2008 and see how far I have come. So even though it was originally made for college students, teens of all ages are using it and I hope that in 10 years I am able to look back to these four years and have remained friends with all the people I have added this week. Most of all though, I think that Facebook shows how much I have matured over the years. I can look back to my first job, a lifeguard at our local country club, and hopefully 10 years from now I will have something legitimate listed as my current work, maybe even a new hometown city if I end up being able to travel. If my roommate was to only get one thing out of my Facebook page, I hope that they would see how much I have matured throughout the years and hopefully sticks with me for the rest of them.

The Telephone Industry

The usage of telephones have dramatically changed since Alexander Graham Bell invented it in 1876. Throughout the years more and more information has been put into smaller and smaller phones and the amount of time we use our phones has increased. Some people say that we use our phones in an inappropriate manner but everyone is learning what the right and wrong way to communicate with people of all ages and hopefully one day we will figure it out. From the days of using a party line to the days of being able to communicate with anyone in the world, people have had to learn the proper ways to use it.

How are we supposed to learn how we are expected to act around new technology if we are never taught? Before these recent times, the telephone was used only for phone calls when absolutely necessary; bills were higher and there were only so many phones for people to have in their homes. While some people think that it is a waste of time to talk on the phone for hours, sometimes it is good just to catch up with friends. There are so many benefits to having a phone and now we, as a society, need to figure out telephone manners.

Parents who grew up without cell phones have a much stricter policy when it comes to using a phone. For instance, most families have a rule of no phones at the dinner table, which I believe is a great idea. I know that when sitting at dinner with friends for a special occasion which makes it much less special when no one is communicating with each other. Recently my friends and I have made the deal that we put our phones on the table and whoever grabs for it first is the one who must pay.

It is things like this that are teaching us the right and wrong ways to deal with the changes in the usage of the home phone and cell phone. Because of generational differences there is still no ‘correct’ way to behave on or with a phone but we must find a middle ground to communicate by just as Jan and Brad had to find a common ground using their party line in Pillow Talk. Today, there are other issues involving the phone but through teaching each other the proper ways to communicate and use the phone.

Plagiarism vs. Creativity

When comparing Dante’s “The Shadow Scholar” and Goldsmith’s “Uncreative Writing” I first thought about what I was thinking as I was reading both of the essays. Dante’s essay, made me think about how people my age can be so uneducated that they are unable to form sentences and are willing to pay an absurd amount of money to have someone else do their work. I mean, what is the work force going to be like when people refuse to do their own work? Goldsmith’s essay is much more intellectual and shows the other side of students who are able to take something negative and make it creative and their own. Because there is such a difference between the two essays, it is hard to fairly compare them. Dante is seen as selfish because he is solely doing it for his money while Goldsmith is teaching his students about plagiarism and creativity but they are both just doing their jobs. Although, I also thought about what it would be like reading it from a professor’s perspective.

Starting with Dante’s essay, if I were a professor I would have read it differently than I had. As a college student I thought that while yes, what he is doing should not be allowed, it is cheating, it is still something that students are going to find a way to do. Professors on the other hand probably thought back to all of the essays they have read and wanted to know how many of their students cheated their way to the grade they received. The honor code system only works if the student gets caught, but how many people get away with little things all the time? As a professor, I think that I would have already thought about some of these things because I assume professors know that sometimes their students are not honest. Although I would hope that most students do their own work, I think that a professor would read this and wonder which of his students he didn’t catch. This essay does not come across as something intellectual that we could learn from but as something that simply makes us think.

Goldsmith, on the other hand, expresses his class as something intellectual rather than simply teaching about plagiarism. As a professor I would love to be able to sit in on a few classes and see his syllabus for the class. I think that the idea of Uncreative Writing is actually very creative. Being able to take someone else’s words and make them your own is what we do every day. We are given a vocabulary but what we say with these words is completely up to each individual. As a college student or professor I believe that the ideas in Goldsmith’s essay are more relatable.