Historical Ad

Since its creation, the iPhone has risen in popularity. People had many doubts about the iPhone when it came out. It did not become as popular as it is only by word of mouth. The iPhone was strategically advertised to become as popular as it is now. Apple’s advertisements represent what the company stands for.

The first advertisement that can be analyzed is the “Thanks a billion” ad. In this ad one sees an iPhone 3G that shows an endless amount of apps coming off the screen. This ad is thanking iPhone users for buying a billion apps. The iPhone in the ad looks as though it was made on a computer. It is not a picture of an actual iPhone. The background is flat white, but it there is a shadow underneath the iPhone, which makes the viewer think it is sitting on some type of platform. This ad makes a few assumptions about iPhone users. The first assumption is that all iPhone users contributed to the billion apps sold. This may not necessarily be true. There may be people that use the iPhone purely for a phone, to text and call. The iPhone comes preloaded with apps when one buys it. The user does not have to pay for these apps, so these apps do not contribute to the billion sold. A user may only use these apps that were pre-downloaded and never buy an app.

This ad apple made does not only advertise for the iPhone, but it advertises for each individual app shown. The apps closer to the screen start off small, and they are relatively hard to see. If one looks close enough, he may be able to tell what the app is. As the apps come out of the screen they become larger and easier to see. The larger apps are some of the most popular apps in the App Store. Some of these are the Facebook, Pandora, or Shazam apps. These companies most likely paid Apple to put their apps the largest in order to advertise their company as well. This ad was strategically made not only to advertise the iPhone but also other companies that have apps on the app store.

The next ad we will look at is the fist video ad for the iPhone. The video starts with people saying hello in old black and white movies. The movies progressed until the people saying hello are from modern films. What makes the iPhone so popular is how simple it is to use. This idea is represented in the video ad. The creators do not show people saying whole sentences; they only say one word, “hello.” The ad appeals to all audiences because it starts with very old movies and moves through time until it gets to recent movies. The “hello” comes from very popular films such as Anchorman or Meet the Fockers. The ad shows people answering the phone, which is appropriate for a phone ad, but one can also interpret “hello” as the iPhone saying “hello” to the world. What makes this ad so successful was where it was premiered. This ad was first aired at the Academy Awards, which is one of the largest events for the film industry. Each year people in the film industry come to this event to be noticed for superb performance in a certain category. Many of the people in the ad may be at the award show. This makes the ad more personal by connecting it to these celebrities that people idolize. The ad has one flaw, however. It assumes that the viewers have seen the movies. If the viewer has not seen any of the films shown in the ad, then it is not as successful.

The first two ads we analyzed are ads of the original iPhone. We can compare these ads to ads of the new iPhone. The iPhone 6 and 6+ are the newest iPhones. In order to sell these phones successfully, Apple must create ads showing what the iPhone can do and why it is better than all the other iPhones. This ad focuses on the size of the iPhone. Throughout the ad one of the voices keeps repeating how the iPhone is “huge.” He is no longer referring to the size of the iPhone; he is referring to how the iPhone is important. He is trying to get people to buy the iPhone because it is groundbreaking and revolutionary.

The ad makes a few assumptions about the people who use the iPhone. The first things you see when watching the ad are the iPhones and the hands holding them. It is obvious that the person holding the phone is a Caucasian male. His fingernails are perfectly groomed and there are no errors on his hands. This is unrealistic. Not everyone who uses the iPhone is going to be white or perfectly groomed. This seems as though the ad is not marketing to all the different types of consumers. Another thing one notices when looking at the ad is the slimness of the iPhone. One of the selling points of the iPhone 6 and 6+ is how large the screen is and how slim the body is. People do not want to carry around a thick heavy phone, so Apple has made a phone that is lighter and skinnier than others. The ad says that the phone will “change the way you see the world.” By viewing the world on your iPhone, you are not actually viewing the world at all. People are looking at a projection of the world on the screen of their phone. The ad tells the viewer “it can improve your health.” The iPhone itself cannot actually improve your health. It gives you the tool to track your health, but it does not make you healthier.

In the first iPhone video ad there are short clips showing people saying “hello” into a phone. The iPhone was saying “hello” to the world. The ad does not show many other things about the iPhone. It does one very quick spin, shows the screen, and then is no longer shown. In the newer iPhone ads, key parts of the phone are showed. In the one analyzed above it advertises how big and slim the iPhone is. The screen is large, yet the body is slim. Apple prides itself on simplicity. In each of the three ads analyzed, this is proven. In the second ad it is simply saying “hello.” In the first and third ad the iPhone is set on a completely white background, but one can tell there is a bit of depth to the setting. There is much thought that goes into selling the iPhone. The ads are strategically shown at specific times and highlight specific features to make people want the iPhone. Apple is very good at advertising, and one can see this by how popular its products have become in the past decade.

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When you think of the future what do you imagine? “The future” is a very vague term. It can mean two seconds from now or ten years. Imagine 200 years from now. What are some characteristics of that future? People may wear strange clothes or drive flying cars. When I think of the future I mostly think of the technology we will have, not the food we will be eating.

There are many movies set in the far future. Often times these movies like to imagine a post apocalyptic world where there is some type of divide in the population. There are few movies that are on future food sources. There are not many movies about future food sources because the topic does not interest a large audience. What if one could make a movie that has both of these themes?

This movie would be set in a future that is roughly 50-100 years from now. In order to connect with the audience the movie has to amaze them with the future, but it needs feel believable and familiar.

In this movie the world would be on the brink of war. Tensions between the US and other countries have led to the cease of all trade. Countries try to grow their own food, but they cannot feed their people. There is starvation and malnutrition. A company rises that creates a liquid called “Soylent.” Soylent gives a person all the necessary nutrients to support life. At first the company seems harmless, but the audience learns that its employees were hired to spy on the US. Later in the movie tensions increase even more till there is a nuclear war and a majority of the world’s population dies. Those who were lucky enough were able to find shelter before the surface of the Earth got destroyed. The last scene is a family coming out from hiding and all they see is a wasteland. There are no trees, no building, and no people. They walk around aimlessly until they stumble on a house. They go in the house to look for anything left. They open a kitchen cabinet, and they see a bag marked in bold letters “SOYLENT.”

This movie would have a Big Brother type feel to it. The message from the last scene is that no matter what happens, Soylent prevails. This movie theme combines both food and apocalyptic society. It is a new idea that is unique. Because it is different yet familiar, it would be very popular.

Twitter vs. Crowdsource

Technology has connected people in many different ways, such as through social media. Many people are familiar with social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook. Both of these sites allow the user to share thoughts that he has. This is only one type of social media. Another type of social media is Crowdsource. Crowdsource allows its users to ask other people for topics of discussion.

Crowdsource is not as popular as sites such as twitter because something about it feels wrong. It takes away from the human experience. One example of how Crowdsource is used is on a date. If people find it hard to make conversation on a date, then usually they are less likely to go on another date. Dating is all about finding a good match. A good match is someone who is easy to talk to. There should be no need for an app to continue conversation with someone who is a good match.

Twitter is popular because it is similar to a journal you keep but it can be viewed by anyone. People can like your thoughts and even respond to them. There is positive reinforcement for saying something that other people like. Twitter does not have an unnatural feeling towards it.   People love to tweet random facts about their day. It also connects many different people. Average people can follow celebrities that they idolize, which makes them feel closer to the celebrity.

Social media connects people in different ways. There are sites like Twitter that let one share their thoughts. There are also sights like Crowdsource that give one topics of discussion. Sites like Crowdsource may sometime give the user a weird feeling that may or may not cause the user to dislike the site. Social media has changed the way we interact with other people.

What is Rough?

When one works out for a relatively long time what type of sensations do they feel? One sensation is a burning of the muscles. When you think of the word “burning” what comes to mind? Different people have different definitions for certain words, such as “burning.” The culture in which you were raised makes you think of words differently. Another word that has different cultural definitions is “rough.”

When one searches the word “rough” on the Internet one of the definitions that comes up is “Having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level.” One can think of this word in the literal definition, but in different cultures it means different things. In my culture rough has many different meanings. In my mind rough has negative connotations. When I think of rough I think of a jagged piece of wood that you would get splinter from. This type of thinking is more of the literal definition. Another way to think of “rough” is when it is related to a person. When someone calls another “rough” it is not a compliment. It means that the person needs work. He needs guidance to be a better person. Often times rough is used when talking of a sports team. When the season is starting a coach may say, “The team looks rough right now.” He means that the team is not competition ready. They may be out of shape, or they may not be at the required skill level.

The culture that I was raised in has these meanings for rough. Although the literal definition does not necessarily match how it is used, it does not mean these uses are not valid. Depending on the culture you were raised in, you may use rough in a different way.


When one does not understand a certain topic, he can use research to learn new things about it. One case where research benefitted my life was when I did research on swimming. For an English project I did I had to choose a topic I was passionate about and write a research paper about it. I am a swimmer, so my research benefited my swimming. My research included many different areas of swimming. I focused my research paper on swimming technique and the pool.

Swimming technique is what separates the good from the great. One could be bigger and stronger than the rest of the competition, but if one does not have proper technique, then he will not be better than the average person. Stroke technique is what makes me such an effective swimmer. I often beat competition that is bigger than me. My research led me to be a more effective swimmer. I learned how to have a more efficient streamline. By conserving energy on my streamline I could race faster on top of the water.

While doing my research I also discovered that certain pools can be faster than others. The way a pool is built and the technology in the pool can influence how fast the times for a race are. The lane lines of a pool can affect how fast a swimmer’s time is. Along with the lane lines, the depth and temperature of the pool greatly affect times. Deeper pools produce faster times. The ideal temperature is 78 degrees. When a swimmer is prepared and he is in the right pool, he has the opportunity to swim very fast.

The information I learned about swimming was not easy to find. I had to search on many websites to find what I was looking for. I did not use certain information because it was from an unreliable website. I found many of my facts on the USA Swimming website. This is one very reliable source for many swimming facts. I also used a book that was written by Michael Phelps.

Swimming is a very broad topic to research. A person could write an entire book on swimming. I chose to focus on two subcategories in swimming. There is so much information that it was hard to end my paper. I did not know what information was necessary and what was not. I just cut myself off after a certain point and tied it all together. I tried to make the things I researched connect with one another.

Research can be a very useful tool. When people research topics, they find much information. They must decide what information is useful to them and what is not. Sometimes it can be hard to decipher what is true and what is false

Sherlock Holmes

When one thinks of the type of literature read in an English class, he thinks of very dry, boring material. The reader is usually not interested in the reading. Often times he spends so much effort analyzing the text that he forgets what the story is even about. When one reads for pleasure, he does not always analyze certain details. The reader may take the details at face value. When a sentence reads “the rug was blue”, he does not analyze the statement and think “the blue rug symbolizes the depression that the author was going through.” Instead, he takes the statement at face value and thinks, “the rug was blue.” One literary work where the reader can both analyze and accept the statements given is Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes sits right on the borderline of literature one would read for fun and literature one would read in a classroom. People like Sherlock Holmes because it is an adventure. The stories are usually a mystery with facts that may seem out of place in the beginning, but in the end everything is tied together. The reader expects Sherlock to overcome his challenges and triumph in the end. The story entices the reader to continue reading because at every page there is a new clue. Something new is always happening.

Another reason why people love to read Sherlock Holmes is because the text is easy to read. One does not have to search his way through dozens of literary devices in order to find out what the author is saying. The story has much action in it, and if it was dragged down by literary device, it may not be as interesting to the readers.

Although Sherlock Holmes can be read at face value, it can also be analyzed. When one looks at Sherlock, he sees much of the author. Conan Doyle studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh then moved to London. Sherlock Holmes takes place in London. Doyle valued intelligence, and Holmes’ character was inspired from a man with extreme deductive power named Joseph Bell. When one examines Sherlock Holmes more closely he can see that the stories can be read deeper than face value.

Sherlock Holmes is a type of literature that can appeal to many different people. It can be enjoyed at face value and be read as a mystery story. It can also be analyzed more to discover truths about the author. Doyle made a story that can be enjoyed by many readers in many time periods, and for this reason, Sherlock Holmes is popular.

Theodore’s Job in Her

The movie Her is set in a futuristic where computer interaction has become indistinguishable from human interaction. In the film the main character, Theodore, falls hopelessly in love with his OS, Samantha. The film makes the viewer part of the exciting relationship of Theodore and Samantha. The director of the film try to make the viewer as connected to the movie as possible. One may find it hard to connect to a movie that is more or less about a person dating his computer. The director helps ease the audience into this connection by making the setting of the movie feel familiar. Although the movie is set in the future, it is a future that the audience can connect with. The viewers get a sense that the movie is set in the near future.

One of the peculiar aspects of Her is Theodore’s job. Theodore works as a writer at a “Beautiful Handwritten Letters” company. His job is to write letters as though he were someone else. He must make the letters believable enough for the person receiving them to believe it.   The film opens on a picture of Theodore’s face as he is speaking. At first the viewer thinks Theodore is speaking to another person, but we realize that he is actually speaking to a computer. He is at his job, and he is writing a letter as if he is someone else. The makers of this film give us this information, and they let us question it at first. They show the world that Theodore lives in. They show how it is similar to our own but also how it differs. At first they let the viewer question this world. He is aloud to form his own opinion. Through out the film, the viewer is forced to accept the strange world as normal.

During the movie, the audience gets the feeling that he Theodore is a hopeless romantic, and he is not emotionally stable. Throughout the movie we learn that he has just gone through a divorce. The audience acquires much information about Theodore, and they may view him as weak. His ex wife even says “You can’t handle real emotions, Theodore”(Jonze, Her). Each viewer may have his own view on this. Some may view Theodore as weak. He definitely does not fit the stereotypical tough guy. People who have this opinion of Theodore are only looking at him face deep. If one really tries to understand Theodore, then he will realize how emotionally strong Theodore actually is.

It is Theodore’s job to deal with emotions. He must write letters everyday that make a certain person feel a certain way. Theodore is so strong because he knows how to be vulnerable. The audience accepts Theodore’s job because of his role at it. The way he channels his emotions to write a beautiful handwritten letter is quite a feat. Theodore is connected to each one of his clients. It is as if he is a part of their relationship, and in some ways he is.

The director of the movie Her makes the story in a unfamiliar world. Theodore’s job seems strange to the audience at first. The director does not give the audience much time to have an opinion on the strangeness of Theodore’s job.   The director uses Theodore’s personality in order to get the audience to accept Theodore’s job.

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Gender Roles in Pillow Talk

            Pillow Talk is a 1950’s comedy that captures the stereotypical gender roles during that time. In the 1950’s gender roles were a very important concept to society. The men during that time were supposed to be very tough and manly. The women of that time were supposed to be very emotional and dependent. The men provided for the family, and in turn, the woman had to take care of the house and raise the children. Pillow talk clearly shows these gender roles through the apartments of the two main characters, Jan Marrow and Brad Allen.

Looking at Brad’s apartment first, the viewer gets a sense of the gender roles of men during the 1950’s. When exploring Brad’s apartment the viewer gets a sense of the masculinity. The apartment has many dark tones such as the brown wallpaper. There is brick in the apartment. The ground is covered in lush, dark carpet. He has scotch on ice. Everything in his apartment represents what a man should be. To show how much of a manly man he is he has two switches in his room: one turns the lights on and the music off, and the second one opens the pull out couch. If a man was watching this movie, he may have odd feelings about these stereotypes. It forces him to conform to the roll of a man in society. He has to be tough, rich, and a smooth talker. What if the man watching did not fit this gender role? There was a gender crisis happening. Strict gender roles were put on both men and women.

Contrasting to Brad’s apartment is Jen’s apartment. The opening scene of the movie is in Jen’s apartment. She is moving about her day and makes her way to the telephone. As she is moving from room to room the audience gets a feel for the apartment she lives in. She has many bright colors. The apartment has an attractive open floor plan. This shows what types of gender roles and stereotypes plagued women during the 1950’s. Jan is still single, and she lives by herself with the exception of her housekeeper. Women of this time were viewed as very girly. The paint on the walls is very colorful. There are many pinks and purples. All of the furniture is made of the finest fabrics. Her rooms are especially girly because Jan is an interior designer. Everything fits together and is exactly how it should be for the 1950’s. Society is forcing woman to conform. What if there is a strong independent woman who does not feel she needs a man? Pillow Talk forces the gender roles of the 1950’s on its viewers, which could make them feel uncomfortable.

During the 1950’s men and women had specific gender roles. Men had to be very tough and masculine. Women were expected to be very emotional and dependent. It was not until the 1970’s that gender roles were tested. Through the apartments of Jan and Brad in Pillow Talk, the viewer understands the strict gender roles of the 1950’s.