Immigration Issue Discussion

Our school, Emory University, emphasizes diversity. International students from different countries fly to America to bring distinct thoughts to the Emory community. What I want the class to read is an article. It is from New York Times titled “U.S. Immigration Laws Face New Scrutiny After Killings.” These days top issue that floats around the world is an immigration issue in U.S. Immigration issues were continuously debatable since the nineteenth century. There were several acts passed by the federal state such as “Chinese Exclusion Acts.” U.S. government was concerned about U.S. workers’ jobs exponentially losing and the unstable economy.

Students in English Expository class are also diversified. This article will be suitable and appropriate to discuss in class. First of all, to give an introduction of this article, the Republicans oppose against Obama administration that supports and tries to help illegal immigrants in America. To get to the point of this article, an immigrant who was deported twice killed two sheriff’s officers in Los Angeles.

The illegal immigrant was deported because of drug and weapon issues. Moreover, the fact that this immigrant was deported twice reflects the government that they do not enforce law strong enough to prevent these situations. There was also a couple and a boyfriend who was an illegal immigrant got help from his girlfriend to stay in America secretly. When someone reported that the couple was drug dealing, the couple shot Sacramento deputy and ran away.

In class, we can discuss how the federal and state government should act differently to enforce immigration laws efficiently? Do you want the immigrants to stay in America or not? What should the seventh largest immigrants in State of Georgia act upon against illegal immigrants?

These kinds of discussions might raise disputation between the international students and U.S. students but it will also be a key to resolving the misconceptions both sides have. To be honest, Emory should have no rights to brag about their diversity. There was some racist occurrence in the Emory community and gave disappointment to the students. Also there is a barrier between International student’s side and U.S. student’s side that both sides of the students cannot get close to each other. Having these kind of discussions will have a high possibility to break the barrier and students will converge together.

After discussion, there will be a lot of diversified groups working and socializing in the cafeteria, library, cafe, and other public places. This way will make Emory community the true “International Community” with no doubt about it. Some students might not agree with immigrants staying in the U.S. but the whole point about this discussion is to at least try to influence and convince those who oppose. This discussion will not only enhance the disputation on immigration issue but also increase skills of compromise and understanding other side’s perception.

Historical Ad- Cereal


To give a gist of history and fact about cereal, it is a meal that is eaten at breakfast. Cereal became famous in Battle Creek, Michigan where Seventh-day Adventist Church was located. Because of John Harvey Kellogg, the church gave significant impact to the advancement of cereal. I have always loved to eat cereals when I was young until now. Cereal is always a good friend to me whenever I am hungry, bored or needed nutrition. So I thought to myself that historical object advertisements that are good to research about will be cereals. I have found all three advertisements through a Duke University ad site that is an incredibly reliable source.


First advertisement is a poster ad-campaign made by Gerber company. This poster is about a naked infant standing up to reach a new cereal the Gerber’s have launched. The image conveys meaning that the curious baby wanting to try out new cereal. As I first looked at the poster, white baby’s butt was the first thing I saw. I think it is too open to show baby’s body like that. The ad focuses indirectly to young babies but directly to the babies’ parents by luring them to chug in the nutritious B complex vitamins. The last sentence “be sure and pick up a package next time you shop” feels kind of offensive in the customer perspective. It sounds like the Gerber’s Barley Cereal company is threatening the customers to buy its products. This poster advertisement includes various functions to convince people to buy its products. It includes logo by saying how much time the company invested in laboratories and infant clinics to improve cereal for babies. Also the poster uses ethos by referring to third parties to convince the audience to gain more credibility. For example, Gerber’s Barley Cereal indicates doctors in the context to make the product more reliable to the audience.


Second advertisement is animation advertisement made by “Crispy Critters.” Color of the advertisement is black and white. Later, there is a scene where a real human pours milk onto the cereal so this ad is not fully animation. The content is about two animals, a lion and a bird introducing Crispy Critters’ new product that includes a total six packs of cereals. A new cereal “crispy critters” is an animal shaped cereal that will fun for the kids to eat. This ad is also mainly focused on parents that have young kids and kids ranged from 7-12. There are various flavors From the ad, the lion says “just for kids.”  One ironic thing I saw was a misspelled word from the ad. The word was written as “pak” instead of “pack”. I did not understand their motive. The lionhearted lion always attacked the bird whenever he had an opportunity. I think those certain scenes are inappropriate for the kids watching because there was also a violent scene. What I do not get about this advertisement is that in a certain time, lion always gets stomped from the marching animals. I personally think they should take out those scenes because it is random.


Third advertisement is also a video advertisement except that it is short and not animated. The ad focuses on sporty people, athletics or people who like to play sports in general. Despite the fact that this video is a seventeen second video, it is very explicit to understand what they are trying to say. The implication of this ad is for the customers to eat “Wheaties Cereals” and refill their performance. Also, the ad says “Breakfast of Champions.” Another meaning of this ad is for customers to simultaneously eat cereal and question themselves “what kind of champion am I.” This ad gives an influence to the peoples’ perception that they should play sports in order to try the “Wheaties Cereal” out.


Three advertisements have approached to the customers in a different way. First advertisement showed an extensive study in cereal, second advertisement gave a new idea of selling cereals into packs, and third advertisement showed what people do in their daily lives. However the similarity these three ads had was made in 1950s. Most cereal commercials are for children because it is the main food that can make them grow with full nutrition in their body. I wish the ads not just focused on for kids. If they expanded their customer age range, cereals would have been sold more than before.


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Thai Brothers -Movie


Everyone loves food and food is mandatory for peoples’ checklist in order for them to live in this brutal competitive world. This movie titled, “The Food Predictor”, will be a documentary and fiction that takes place in Thailand. The content is an excerpt from “You call this Thai Food? The Robotic Taster Will be the Judge” written by Thomas Fuller. The plot of this movie will be very simple but creative. In the beginning, two brothers from Thailand will be shown that go around the world trying on different kind of foods. They frown every time they eat some sort of food because it does not fit their appetite or because it is too salty. So for decades, they invent a machine that will measure the food whether it is standard or not. The brothers will be known as “The Thai Brothers” just like the Wright Brothers who invented a plane. Later, there will be several scenes that contain people eating salty and sweet Thai food. These scenes convey that people do not care about the standard diet and their health.        Moreover, elderly Thai people eating in Thai restaurant will be yelling at the manager that this type of food is not the endemic taste of Thai food. Later, Thai Brothers with white gowns and transparent masks on will suddenly come in and use their machine not only to advertise their revolutionized food technology but also to straighten up the original taste of Thai food.

After scientists measured the Thai food with their machine, the scale will come out to 0.6 which is not even close to the average scale, 0.8. People will gasp and complain of what they have eaten and ask for compensation for the luxurious Thai restaurant. Thai Brothers will convince the customers that they should buy this “food predictor machine” in order to fulfill their taste in every food they eat. The downfall or conflict for this plot will be having problems with the machine such as technical difficulties making millions of customers making a recall. Customer’s demand for machine decreased incredibly and Thai Brothers were on the risk of closing their company. However, Thai Brothers did not give up and came out of the situation very well, overcoming the problems the machines were having.

Instead of romance, comedy, violence, and etc, this type of genre will grab a lot of audience to attention by focusing on one object, food predictor. Although some people might not like the theme about food, but there are a lot of all-time famous movie about food such as Ratatouille, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I am Love, and Babette’s Feast. Because there were millions of people around the world that watched these kind of movies, it breaks the notion and gives the potential for this movie to become best seller movies of all-time. Furthermore, although the theme is food, the movie shows ethics that people should never give up and have strong perseverance toward their lives.

Social Networking App

McCarthy’s Inneract program and any other social networking apps that I use such as Facebook is not comparable. Inneract program is way beyond than any other social-networking programs. For Facebook, you are just adding friends that you might have seen them once or adding because of your mutual friends. You do not know them closely and it will be hard to say if you wanna hang out with them through chatting or tagging on a post. However, Inneract program is an initiative program that you can actually and legitimately make friends with strangers deeply by interacting with something rather than just looking at your “friend’s” profile pictures and moving on. Inneract program is like a fusion between social networking program and real life events. People who have the same interest can hang along and expand their connection. For example, if I am interested in soccer and do not want to juggle soccer ball by myself at the field, I can just upload my status right away by saying “anyone want to play 11 vs 11 on xx field?” There will be 21 people wanting to play by no time. Inneract program has given an idea by adding all the features of facebook, twitter and instagram. My guess is that after 4-5 years, everyone will be using this app and start to decline using facebook as than before. By using Inneract, social life for everyone will be exciting and fun. Furthermore, for those who have depression, they might be easily cured and have the opportunity to overcome their mental disorders into a further active and extroverted people.

Crowdpilot is also a great app for social networking that can be useful in reality. This kind of app will be very useful for those who stutter all the time, deficient confidence, and used to be quiet all the time that they can not think what they want to say to people.  However, Crowdpilot is something that I would not like to use because it is not reliable. If you talk to strangers for help on certain situation, they might fool around and give you false information that can actually make you worse in dating or social meetings. Because Crowdpilot and Ineract are the new revolution and generation of social networking apps, they are still insecure and need some time to show that it is truly useful and reliable to interact with various kind of strangers.

These days, everyone has problem with smartphones. In my opinion, I think humans interact more time with smartphones than hey interact with other people. Every time people ride, walk, eat, and meet, smartphones are always either grabbed on their left or right hand. However, regarding the fact that we can not fix this problem, Inneract will still make the opportunity by increasing the time having people communicate and interact with each other.


I attended to the Center for Ethics at Thursday to watch Max and Mary that was screening approximately 90 minutes. This animated Australian movie was out in 2009 directed by Adam Eliott. The genre was comedy and drama. Eccentric thing about this animation was black and white clay. This film won a lot of number of awards such as “Annecy International Animated Film, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, etc. The plot of this film was about two lovely indirect interaction between Max and Mary. Mary, young Australian girl, is a loner because she gets teased every time from her classmates because of her birthmark on her forehead. Mary randomly chose a name called Max out of the Manhattan phone book and writes a letter to him. Mary’s family was not normal, alcoholic mom and a distant living father, working at a factory. Mary sends a letter to Max, who lives as a single status in New York and has problem with obesity and disordered mentality. Because Mary had no friends, she kept questioning about the reality of the world to Max who has severe depression. For two decades, they interact with each other through mail. Because of the questions and answers Mary asked and received, she becomes a psychologist but Max stops to send her mail.

I think this movie is mainly about psychology dealing with depressions, variety of mental disorders that lead to serious consequences such as committing suicides that Mary was almost about to do. One thing that really kept me thinking about this movie was the chocolate that Mary and Max sent to each other. Although it is a small chocolate bar, it is like a gift or a symbol that will bridge the ongoing relationship between the two. Moreover, the movie sends a message to the audience that we should be patient in our lives. If Mary was not a little more patient after the contact interruption she had with Max, she could have easily committed suicide and making the movie more sad. These kind of depressions are serious in Korea because of the social life, competition between each other, and getting a career. Koreans traditionally care a lot about these things and their only one priorities to accomplish. Especially in Korea, teasing (bullying) is serious and I think the director did a good job of uncovering some serious issues that reflects society. I wish this kind of film was shown in Korea to send a message to people about depression.

10/31 Armor that covers Internal Organs

The object that stuck out most to my eyes was suit of armor for internal organs by Sara Hendren. For me, having a thick iron covered inside your body will feel really weird and uncomfortable.  And I would probably use it whenever I go to dangerous places or when it is time for me to go to the army back in Korea for two years. A lot of issues are occurring in the army base in Korea such as suicidal or genocide. This iron will be my requirement to put it with me.

These images are directed toward older people and cancer patients. The main point for these kind of images is to relieve people that they are safe now from getting common diseases. Because the color of organs changed from the old traditional red to shiny silver, it foreshadows the evolution of human that will be seen in the next decades. Also, the color silver gives a feeling of strong, robust image and if to pick an animal, rhinoceros will be the best fit for these images. The practical benefits will be that if someone ever gets stabbed or gets shot, he/she will have a less chance of dying. The overall crime rate will dramatically reduce and at least look like as if the environment around the world became better. Almost everyone gets cancer in their lives and mainly die because of cancer. Main reason will be smoking and drinking. The shortfall for this shiny armor will be that it might not prevent the dirty smoke polluting inside the organs because it only protects from the outside.


By closely looking at these pictures, young teenagers’ perception will change against the people in the 60-90s ranged age. Not only the armor might help extend the elders to live 10 or more years of their lives but also when the time comes for the teenagers, it will be the same or better for their lives.


Research That Changed My Interest

Ever since I was young, my number one hobby was to play soccer and it has never changed my decision to present. I knew the general and specific rules for soccer. I also knew all the players and team clubs that were playing in the professional league. I could have been the youngest manager in any club team. However, one thing I lacked knowledge was about the “government” that runs soccer, named FIFA. When I surfed the Internet, I did see a lot of issues that occurred in FIFA but was too careless to read. But the time has came to dig deeply into FIFA.


A big research paper project in english class was given during my last semester in senior year, the peek of time to get out of high school. It was 11 pages research paper and our teacher just could not give us a break from the hard barriers that we have overcomed to graduate. You can research any subject in any field and he gave us time to work on our project during class time. My subject was FIFA, of course. There were a lot of stages to go through before writing a research paper. Teacher gave us a template that is similar to brainstorming. It is pretty much the same thing as what we are doing for the annotated bibliography. I listed introduction, body 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and conclusion and generally wrote what I was going to write for each sentences. One thing that I was surprised about my teacher was that he was the only teacher that allowed us to use Wikipedia. However, surprisingly again, I did not use Wikipedia as much as I used to do for this research.


I determined whether my clues were relevant was type of websites. For example, if it was answer and question based websites, I definitely crossed that off my lists. However, news article and journals were the most credible website for sure. Other way I knew whether it was relevant was if at least two websites had the same information, I used those sources for my research. Moreover, I used some of documentaries and video clips from Youtube that were interview based videos. My research topic was about the “Corruption of FIFA.” When I was naive and gullible back in the old days, I used to like Steve Blatter, the president of FIFA because he seemed like a good guy from his appearance. However, as I gained a lot of information about him, I despite and encouragingly want him to step off from his position. He uses money and bribery to sustain his position for long time as possible. I have stopped my research when I used every sources that came out from Google and found all the information that uncovered FIFA’s corruption. Also, I stopped my research after I found all the wrong acts Blatter did. Although research paper might sound like a useless thing to do, it will give you bountiful facts that will impact your life.

Adventure of the Cardboard Box and Clue

Literature can be any written work in various genres. The reading level can be easy or hard. It just need words that reader will be able to read. In my opinion, I think “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box” did meet my expectations in literature, but not fully. In my definition of “literature”, I expected the reading / writing with a harder context followed by old aged language. Whenever I hear literature, I somehow get scared because I automatically think it will be hard for me as an International student. But if everyone else evaluated whether Doyle’s story can be classified as a suitable literature, they will say yes.

First of all, there are no grammatical errors in the context and second, the story of the plot is strong. Literature sometimes have to make readers evoke feeling and lure them to imagine through their brains. For example, when Sherlock found two ears that were exclusive clue, the way how Doyle expressed was actually a crime scene for me. During my high school year, my english class did read some of the classics and famous literature books: Odysseys, Romeo and Juliet, Ramayana, etc.  However, the reading level was pretty low and understandable. Despite the fact that it was easy to read, the similarity these books have is a lesson. Although Sherlock does not really teach lesson, I personally think it teaches a moral lesson. A moral lesson that even though you have some grievance inside your heart, you still should bear those feeling and find another way to cleanse it rather than killing. If I had seen “thou” in Doyle’s story, it would have fully got into my expectations. I am very stereotyped whenever I see “thou” in reading because I automatically perceive it as a literature right away. In conclusion, despite there are various levels of reading, if a book includes inspiration, lessons, and correct grammar, it has right to be called a “literature” book.

These days, technology is helping the world for a better environment especially in the police department. “Clues” for police detective will be fingerprints, blood, hair, and everything that is from the human body. Technology will help these clues to find another clue that will get the police to find the criminal closer. Although clue can help the police to find who the criminal is, some clues can hinder or make them choose unrelated suspects. Clues in 2014 can be useful but detectives still have to be discreet with it.

Technology and Uncanny (Her)

Back in the eighteenth century when the term “technology” started to form, people questioned their faith of religion. People started to think technology as their God. Industrial Revolution was one of the events that had a big turning point. People might have thought that it was uncanny that a lot of productions were produced fast and efficiently. Moreover, developed machine tools, coal power, steam power, and textiles captivated daily lives of the workers. Interest in technology and science dramatically increased because people are suspicious about the uncanny feeling they have about these fields.

Her, based on futuristic background when technology became further advanced, is about Theodore (main character) working at a handwritten company and has a rough time going on through divorce. Later he meets a female computer voice through a new OS program that he has registered for. Theodore and computer (Scarlett) get intimately in loved and also has an affair through talking. Theodore and computer go through a lot of stages just as other normal couples do.

Now focusing back to the twentieth and twenty first centuries…when the main character from Her, Theodore, got to meet a revolutionized technology called OS, Theodore can actually feel like he is talking to a person with a computer and encountered the peak of uncanny feelings. He was first acting cautiously not knowing exactly what was going on in the beginning but as he kept using the OS technology he started to think OS is a normal program. Just like “smart phones” from regular 2G cell phones have been made in the 21st century, people felt amazed and thought smart phones were unique. However, as more people got to use the query smart phones, it became natural and normal using smart phones around.  Moreover, I think when people feel uncanny about something, they will try to encounter a lot with it until they become bored. From Her, Theodore talked to the computer (Scarlett) for frequent amount of times, but as time passed by he seemed to not use it anymore or in the future at the end of the story. Also the impact of uncanny is that there is a power of acknowledgement around. When one person becomes used to extraordinary things, other people around will first hesitate but will later understand and acknowledge and move on as a normal life.

Now the technology started to be based on robots and computers, there will be a possibility that these two uncanny subjects/ fields will meet or encounter together. For example, from Her, computer (Scarlett) had a conversation with the character from the game Theodore was playing. This also implied that the two software acts like normal people like they do in normal conversation. In conclusion, the relationship between the technology and uncanny in twentieth to twenty first centuries will be that technologies such as robots and software computer programs will be like human’s daily basis at all times. As centuries pass by not only the scale of technology will go up but also the uncanny feeling will get shorter because generations from generations, a lot of people have gone through uncanny stuffs and it will not be a surprise to them that new extraordinary revolution will occur.

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