Organic Advertisements

My historical object was originally different types of food specifically the difference between Organic and the GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). However GMOs are not something that are commonly advertised due to their negative connotations. Also due to the recent invention of GMOs and the emergence of organic culture none of the databases contained advertisements for either. As such I had to look elsewhere.

My first advertisement is a National Advertisement Campaign by Whole Foods. The advertisement shows a farmer walking away from the camera down his fields with the words “The Highest Standards Weren’t Available So We Created Them” along with some smaller informational text “Created with growers, scientists, and sustainable-agriculture experts, our Responsibly Grown rating system for fresh fruit and vegetables breaks new ground for sustainable growing practices.” The text reflects the ideology behind Whole Foods’ ad campaign, the organic standards that other companies use and the ones reflected by the USDA Organic logo on a good are not high enough for the standards of Whole Foods. The image of a farmer’s back as he walks down his fields as the fields drift smaller and smaller into the distance shows symbolism of time specifically how the farmer and Whole Foods with their new standards are walking into the future.

My second advertisement is part of the same National Advertisement Campaign by Whole Foods. This one shows A mother with her child on her shoulders in an agricultural setting with the words “Values Matter” written in front of them. “Values Matter” is the centerpiece and main catch phrase of Whole Foods campaign. The meaning behind “Values Matter” is explained on the side of the advertisement

“We’re hungrier for them than we ever realized.

We want to know where things come from.

We care what happens to them along the way.

We want to trust our sources.

We want to have the information to make meaningful choices

about what we decide to buy and support.

We want people, and animals, and the places

our food comes from to be treated fairly.

The time is ripe.

We are pare of a growing consciousness that’s bigger than food—

One that champions what’s good, and the greater good, too.

Where value is inseparable from values.”

The poem explains the meaning behind “Values Matter” however the poem requires a certain amount of background information.

Neither my first nor second advertisement ever used the word organic in their advertisement. Whole Foods only talks around therefore requiring those who are looking at the ad to not only know what they are but also make the connection to organic foods. Both ads require its customers to have a decent scientific awareness. The campaign expects consumers to pick up on their references to fair treatment of animals, preserving the environment, organic farming and sustainable farming without using any of those terms. The campaign is trying to entice consumers to buy the higher priced goods at Whole Foods, and the campaign is their argument as to why. The higher price of Whole Foods goods requires customers of a higher income class. My second ad in particular is directed towards mothers. This can bee seen by the usage of a mother and her child. It is trying to convince mothers to buy Whole Foods for their children referencing how it is better for them and will allow them to grow big and strong.

My third advertisement is a print ad by Horizon Organic. The advertisement shows the collection of offered Horizon Organic milks with the caption, “A happy, healthy family.” The caption is a play on words, referring to both the family of Horizon Organic milks and a human family, who a mother perhaps is buying milk for. The caption therefore makes the mother believe that she is making her family happy and healthy by buying Horizon Organic milk. The advertisement goes on to day, “Horizon Organic Milk is produced without the use of antibiotics added growth hormones or dangerous pesticides.”   This ad requires less scientific awareness than the previous ads however it still requires a certain amount. The ad is also directed towards a higher income class due to how the higher price of organic products.

All ads require a value in consumers in organic products, sustainable living, and a belief in the negative aspects of GMOs. They are also all directed towards the food buyer of the family, which is why the connotations towards mothers are present in the advertisements. All of the advertisements are print ads to be put up as a poster in a subways stop, an airport or something similar rather than show up in a magazine or on television or radio although they could be successful in a newspaper or magazine.

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If I run my finger over the top of my MacBook one of the words that comes to mind to describe it is smooth however that isn’t the only meaning that smooth has.  Yes a surface can be smooth or free from unevenness of surface however it can also has half a dozen other meanings.

It can refer to how easy someone made something seem.  For example I am entirely uncoordinated and I am not the best at basketball, however if you get LeBron James in the WoodPEC he would make it seem like second nature.  “That was a smooth shot”.

It can refer to easing tensions with someone.  For example, maybe me and my room mate got into an argument last week over me not keeping the room neat.  Afterwards I could clean the room to smooth things over.

If I were running a race however I had run away from most of the competition and I had only 50 meters left, the commentator could say he has a smooth ride into the finish, suggesting how I do not have any competition or obstacles in my way from winning.

The saying “Through the rough and the smooth” means that you will stick with someone through both the hard parts, rough as well as the easy parts, smooth.

All of these examples go to show how smooth has a multitude of meaning not just the physical one of a smooth surface, but a “mythical” meaning in culture.  A meaning that has been derived from its original tactile meaning to all aspects of life.  If we are ever unaware of the meaning of smooth in context we can always work backwards from the tactile meaning and use context cues to figure out what it means in a specific example.  For example prior to my research into smooth I had never heard to saying “Through the rough and the smooth”, I had heard a smilier saying, “Through the thick and the thin” however from my familiarity with what smooth and other sayings means I was able to figure out what smooth mean in that specific context.


2048, it was the game back in the spring.  Everyone wanted to reach 2048, to beat someone else’s high score.  The second semester of my senior year I took a course in visual basic, a coding language.  Towards the end of the semester when it came round to picking a final project, I had more time compared to the rest of the class and I decided to be ambitious, I wanted to recreate 2048.  To some that might sound simple, the game and rules already exist you just have to copy it.  Yes, but how do you recreate it.  What exactly happens when you swipe right, how do you track the variables, how does it know where to pop up your next number, how does the scoring system work.  It’s actually a lot more complicated, which is where my research came in.

It wasn’t your typical research project where you read through books and research on the internet.  I had to sit down and think through each move in the game, what happens in each individual step, what happens when the game starts, and when the computer knows when the game ends.  It was an extremely difficult but at the same time very rewarding process.  I was amazed at the complexity of coding something that seemed so simple as swiping.  It really helped my understanding of coding and the difference between explaining and coding.  While conducting my research I broke the game down into smaller stages, from there into parts, and then I had to figure out each individual step of that part on the most basic of steps.  Almost all information was relevant into recreating the game.  The corresponding colors and numbers were not necessary to recreate the game however I tried my best to reate the game as genuinely as possible, therefore in the later stages it did become important.  I never really knew when to stop because I tried extremely hard to shorten and streamline the code as much as possible.  Eventually I accepted the fact that it was as short as I could possibly make it.  Upon achieving recreating the game I have never been more proud of myself and my ability to break down the problem into steps and look at each step individually.

Recreating 2048 showed me that I had an aptitude for coding and influenced my decision to either pursue a computer science major or minor.  Also recreating 2048 was the only real work I had during senioritis season.  It kept my brain active and swirling, which is something that I value because I hate having a summer slump brain.  It showed me how games like Luminosity work to activate the brain.


The Adventure of the Cardboard Box does meet my expectations about literature that I expect to study in school.  It is important to study all kinds of literature from Shakespeare to Malcolm Gladwell, in order to have a rounded education.  The reason that we read a Shakespeare novel every year in high school was in order to experience his mastery of the english language and his ability to weave themes and morals into his stories.

The most important thing is that when a teacher picks a piece of literature to read in school is that it has a purpose, to teach a lesson.  The purpose behind reading Doyle’s short story is to first off experience short stories and see how the shorter length makes the author exclude certain aspects to compress the story down.  Beyond just short stories Sherlock Holmes stories also demonstrate the importance of the powers of perception and show how easy it is to overlook an extremely important detail.  While Holmes is the extreme of this example, having abilities that most do not, everyone can take away something and bring it into their life.

Another reason to read a certain story or book is historical context.  A lot of famous books relay how life was like during a period of time.  For example The Great Gatsby reflects life during the 1920s and the great depression in the United States.  While the story itself is about the Daisy and Gatsby the underlying themes reflect the 1920s and the inequality between the classes, how unthoughtful and uncaring the upper class was.  Sherlock Holmes reflects Britain in the 19th century.  How people thought and the social stigmas that existed.

Another important reason to read various types of literature and authors is to see how writing styles differ between cultures.  Both Shakespeare and Doyle are British writers but how does their writing style differ from an American or a Canadian or maybe even a Chinese author.  Each culture has a different writing style and stresses different morals in their stories.

Literature read in school should have a purpose and open your eyes to something that you have not seen before. Whether that is through Shakespeare’s morals, the art of Holmes’ perceptive skills, or something else entirely.  Knowledge can be passed on in an infinite number of ways and so should literature.  An english class such as freshman english should reflect that and give a taster of knowledge from all kinds of places.

Uncanny Feelings

Her, directed by Spike Jonze is set in the near future of 2025. The protagonist of the movie, Theodore Twombly is a professional writer who writes intimate love letters for those who are unable to do so. He works for the company Beautiful Handwritten Letters company which uses software to transfer the author’s work into the hand writing of the one sending the letter. After going through a divorce Theodore purchases the first operating system with a talking artificial intelligence, Samantha. The movie follows the relationship between the pair as they adapt together.

While most of the movie focuses on Theodore’s interactions with Samantha a point that is often hidden in background of the movie is the uncanny feeling of Theodore’s job. While the most common usage of uncanny, or strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way, is towards human like resemblance. The uncanny feeling from Beautiful Handwritten Letters is instead more of a, what is happening to society, uncanny feeling.

Theodore is attracted to Beautiful Handwritten Letters for the same reason that many people choose to use their services. He is solitary individual who finds it difficult to open up. Throughout the movie we watch as he opens up truly for the first time to Samantha. He is not alone in doing so. Many of the employees at Beautiful Handwritten Letters also begin to date their A.I.’s. Having an A.I. allows them to open up for the first time like they have always wanted to. Prior to having an A.I. they opened up through the letters that they would write for others, it gave them a release.

Technology has brought many amazing things into society and given it tools to achieve things that would otherwise be unimaginable. However it also changes the way people think. It has changed people to be more focused on the end result rather than the journey and experience in getting there. In relation to Her, people are less concerned with the process of learning to love someone and opening up their heart to them instead they care more about “being in love” with someone and the destination, marriage.

Beautiful Handwritten Letters is a tool used for the same end point mentality. Why open up to someone when you can pay for someone to do it for you. One could argue that Theodore or another writer could write a better letter however it’s not so much about its quality but about the meaning behind it and the act of opening up. By paying someone else to write it then that gets taken away.

This idea can be seen across society even in the way that the education system works today. Education is no longer being taught for the point of being enlightened it is taught to a test or to a system, with the end goal of getting into the next system of higher learning or getting a job. Knowledge that is considered worldly but at the same time pointless to that goal is often removed altogether under the same ideology.


Cheating, one of the biggest headaches of teaching in the 21st century.  As technology becomes better and better it becomes easier and easier to cheat the system and get away with it.  Dante’s and Goldsmith’s articles offer two distinct pieces of information about the problem and views on the growing issue.

Dante was a talented writer who failed to make it big.  Struggling to pay the tuition bill he turned to writing other peoples papers for pay.  After graduation it became his day job paying him $66,000 a year.  Working behind the scenes he is responsible for graduating dozens of people that otherwise would not have managed too.  On any given day he would juggle 20 different assignments and if needed to he could finish a 75 page paper in two days.  All of which on subjects he had no education in, his only source being google.  While his article puts you into amazement in his abilities it shows the growing problem in education that if you want to cheat it is only getting easier to do so, with some money of course.

Goldsmith offers an alternative to the growing issue of plagiarism, embrace it.  Goldsmith writes about how plagiarism exists on every single level and how it is imposible to get rid off.  The discrepancies of how some works are considered to be art while others are ostracized as plagiarism.  In the class that he teaches at University of Pennsylvania, Uncreative Writing, he tells students to embrace this idea and use as little of their own writing as possible.  While Goldsmith’s idea is not practical in all subjects it fulfills the major requirement of passing a course, imparting students with the information that they received in a class.  It does not matter how they learned the information just that they did.  Term papers, final exams, or a presentation it does not matter, how they demonstrate their knowledge as long as students know and understand the information of the class.

Goldsmith touches on the heart of the plagiarism and cheating issue of the 21st century, grades.  One of the biggest complaints of education in the 21st century is that students care more about their grade and therefore how they do on an individual paper or exam.  If students cared about solely learning the knowledge of a class then there would not be the issue with cheating and plagiarism that exist .  Plagiarism and cheating is a response to how the focus of education is now on testing.

In can be seen in all levels of education.  Every now and then there is a story in the news about how someone got caught cheating on the SAT.  High School students view their acceptance into a certain college not on how smart they are and whether it is the right fit and level.  Instead they view their acceptance on a SAT score and whether it matches up to that college.  Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues of education today one that cannot be solved with tools such as and harsher punishments for people of plagiarize.  Instead it has to be solved with teaching students to learn for the knowledge not the grade and through classes in ethics.

“You is Your Voice”

Pillow Talk is a movie directed by Michael Gordon starring Rock Hudson, Brad Allen, and Doris Day, Jan Morrow centered around the telephone. Brad and Jan share a party line however they leave very different lives. Brad is a womanizer songwriter who spends much of his time on the phone wooing various women with the same moves. While Jan is an interior decorator who cannot stand Brad’s womanizing antics.   As the movie progresses Brad meets Jan for the first time and finds her attractive however due to his antics he cannot simply approach her. Instead he creates the persona of someone from Texas, Rex, to enchant her.

Your voice is one of the most important parts of identifying. If you think of the five senses, touch, sight, taste, smell, hearing, while some of them are not very important while identifying someone, you don’t lick everyone you meet, however how someone looks and what their voice is. When entering a room you can often tell who is in it just by the voices you can hear through the door. For example I have a friend with an extremely loud and distinguishable laugh who is easily identifiable.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company’s slogan of “Your Voice is You” plays on this idea and the importance of your voice. When Brad entered into a Texas persona to prank Jan he took on parts of that character to convince Jan. While it is easy to say that he took up a Texas dialect what he actually did is much more complicated. He used words that Texans would use, such as “y’all” or “fixin to” in an accurate tone with the right accent also with accurate cadence. To pull of a dialect is much more complicated than it can seem. In Pillow Talk, Brad successfully pulls it off to convince Jan however it isn’t known whether if Jan had traveled to Texas or had more experience with a Texas dialect that she would have been able to pull his bluff.

Much of Pillow Talk centers on talking over the phone, removing over the other sensory identifiers, therefore leaving someone’s voice as the only identifier. Going back to the idea of “Your Voice is You”, Brad created his knew character, Rex, around the voice. He worked backwards from the Texan dialect to create a person, You is Your Voice, to misperceive Jan. One of the interesting tricks that Brad uses to enchant Jan is using Brad, the persona, to down talk Rex, to make Jan more interested in Rex. He uses beautiful artistry of the code words of each character and their own accents and to trick Jan and would have been successful if Brad and Rex’s lives hadn’t been so closely intertwined.

Dante and Goldsmith

If I were a college professor I would be extremely concerned with Dante’s confession.  Beyond the ordinary issues with a student plagiarizing or cheating, Dante was successful.  He beat the system and allowed students to receive degrees who should not have.  He brings a new problem to the table.  It is not like I can have my students submit their work to or an independent program because they are not copying peoples work, it would not catch them.  I would definitely change some of my policies and assignment plans.  I do not know exactly what I would do if I caught a student using a resource such as Dante to cheat and pay their way through my class because the policy is already failing the class.  I would want it to more severe than the current one because I put paying someone else at a higher level than plagiarism.  Perhaps a one semester suspension.  I would change my assignment plans to reflect the new issue of catching Dante’s style of cheating.  the only way that I see to achieve this is to get accustomed to each individual students writing style, how their voice plays into their writing, their word choices and phrases etc.  Because that is the one thing that Dante cannot remove from his own work.  His writing style will play through if you have something to compare it to.   At the beginning of the semester I would have a series of in class writing assignments designed to capture a students writing style specifically how their voice would play through in a formal writing assignments.


I would like to take Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing class because it is the exact opposite of uncreative.  It is extremely creative, addressing a writing course in a brand new way.  The goal of a course is when you leave the course you have learned something, a specific skill or type or information.  In most courses you have to display the information that you have learned in a term paper or a final exam.  Goldsmith requires that you show the information by plagiarizing.  At the end of the semester you are still leaving the course with a learned information.  The other part of the course that I find interesting which is specifically related to the course is learning about plagiarizing in a new light.  By blatently plagiarizing you learn what not to do by doing exactly that.  You leave the course with two skills, the information you gained while writing the paper and a more in-depth knowledge about plagiarizing. 

The two articles have very distinct styles, Dante’s is more of a casual conversation while Goldsmith’s is a report to other professors and schools about his course.  To me Dante’s was much more interesting to read because his style was friendlier to teenagers and for that reason I found it more interesting.  I felt engaged in his article.  Goldsmith’s is written in a very different style.  It came across to me as a defense of his class, validating itself.  Each article has its benefits and its distractions.  At the end of the day Dante’s was friendlier to me and therefore I liked it more.  It brings up the point that you should always keep in mind your intended audience while writing a paper.