Blog Revision: Code-switching

Code-switching remains as an unconscious practice in society. It occurs in almost every situation, no matter the time and place. For those still yet unaware of this timeless expression, code-switching, defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is “the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of languages in conversation.” In other words, it … Continue reading Blog Revision: Code-switching

Code-Switching as a Mechanism for Forming Relationships

Before this class, I had never thought of code switching as something that mattered very much.  Obviously everyone acts differently depending on who they are talking to and what situation they are in, but I figured that it was just something that happened.  Of course you’re not going to talk to your professor the same … Continue reading Code-Switching as a Mechanism for Forming Relationships

Code-Switching: Am I Still Me?

Do you use the same language when speaking with your grandma or boss as you use when speaking with your friends? Chances are you don’t. NPR has been looking into the phenomenon termed “code-switching.” Code-switching refers to how individuals express themselves differently through language depending upon the niche they are attempting to fill. That is, … Continue reading Code-Switching: Am I Still Me?


Code-switching To be honest, Code-switching is a new vocabulary to me. After I find out that Code- switching is the practice that people switch mode of speaking languages to adjust to different language variations in different contexts. I think code-switching is unconsciously being practiced by people surrounding us since globalization makes it more common for … Continue reading Code-switching