“Shadow Scholar” by Ed Dante

At the beginning of every school year, incoming freshman are lectured at about the honor code. But how much of that actually stays with them throughout their college experience? According to Ed Dante, honor codes are constantly violated in the underground economy. Who is Ed Dante you might ask: he is one of many underground professional paper writers. He makes a living off lazy and incompetent kids. Kids can simply email him their assignments and he quickly goes to work writing papers. He has written papers for every level of higher education from an undergraduate paper to some peoples doctoral dissertations. These custom papers are seen as a foolproof way for kids to cheat and according to Dante his clients have never been caught. At first glance, Dante seems like the enemy to academic dishonesty but Dante insists that getting rid of him won’t solve the greater problem. When he retires someone else will simply fill the void to meet the current student demand. He insists the problem is the teachers who assign vast essays to kids who do not even speak proper English. The issue it seems to be rooted in the educational system and that it is currently failing students. It allows them to keep graduating onto higher and higher levels without giving them the skills they need to ultimately achieve at these new levels of higher education. He also believes that the problem wont be solved anytime soon due to the perpetual blame game. Colleges will ultimately place the blame on high school teachers and so on.


From a very young age, we are taught that cheating is wrong and we assume that it only happens very rarely. This isn’t the case according to Ed Dante, an underground paper writer, the culture of cheating is alive and well. Students all around the country hire him to write their papers for every subject under the sun. He has pretended to be a bunch of different people with different credentials depending on what his clients needed. If someone needed a history paper done, he would say he has a doctorate in history or whatever other credentials would make him most qualified for the job. Dante has two kinds of clients, the incompetent and the lazy. The lazy know exactly what they want and give Dante plenty of directions for the paper while the incompetent usually send him the bare minimum he needs to write the papers. While Dante is the one allowing the kids to cheat, he understands that getting rid of him doesn’t solve the problem. He knows someone else will just step in and fill the void of that he leaves. Dante blames the school administrators and teachers and say they the ones ultimately failing students. They let the students fall behind in writing but move onto higher levels of education. A kid who can’t speak his thoughts clearly will be horrible at writing a five-page paper. So unless the schools do something there will always be this underground cheating. Unfortunately, Dante believes that the blame game will ultimately get in the way of any meaningful progress in the matter.


Culture of cheating alive. @EdDante writing papers for college students. Blames schools. No fix in site


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